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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Singapore's Walk and Cycle Program

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No one can deny that Singapore is a very well planned country. When the government targets to accomplish something, they announce it to the public, and more often then not they achieve what was set out. Just look at their public transport system. Efficient, accessible and constantly improving. Though lately there have been some breakdowns, I still believe Singapore's public transport system is one of the best around.

Recently, the government has come out with a Walk and Cycle initiative hand in hand with the National Cycling Plan. The goal is to make alternative modes of transport safe and convenient. The target is that by 2030 the infrastructure is there to make this possible. Talk about planning, wow!

I hope to see something like this in the Philippines someday. But then again, I may just be dreaming.

So you guys have an idea of what Singapore is doing to make itself a more bike and pedestrian friendly nation, check out the link below:


  1. Hope also that the Philippines will have something like that :-)

  2. That's my dream as well Sherlane :)

  3. I've forgotten how to drive in this country :) There is really no need for a car, just wish there are pet-friendly sections in the mrt :p