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Monday, March 2, 2015

Blog entry #1 (Hooray for me!!)

I have never been into blogging or anything of the sort. In fact, I am not into social media all that much. I set up an old blog site years ago that I never ever used. Not one single entry. I want to change that. I want to try this blogging and social media thingy.

However, this poses a dilemma on my part as I am normally a very private person. The primary reason why I created a Facebook account was for the birthday function.  My memory is just terrible so I was so happy to know that there was a birthday alert function, quite a life saver! Also, as I was moving to Singapore with the wifey, Facebook would be my lifeline to all things Manila and gave me a platform to get in touch with friends and family. So yahoo for FB! But in terms of things personal, I hardly update my status (you know, the how are you feeling today blah blah under your status thingy), I am just starting to post pictures (normally I am just tagged), and I usually just press the like button for stuff I see entering my FB feed.

I am hoping to change at least some of that. Though I doubt I will ever really pour my heart out on whatever social media medium there is, I do hope to start sharing things I experience in the realm of cycling, food, coffee, beer, whisky, attempts at fitness, travel and whatever else I find interesting.

So for those of you who still find life crazy, fascinating, heart breaking, joyous, unpredictable, mundane, wondrous and what have you, please join me in my blogging adventure or misadventure as the case may be.

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  1. Cool articles Carlos! Keep on blogging classmate! :-) - talby

    1. Talby! Good hearing from you, thanks! Appreciate the confidence boost :)